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The Right Temperature For Storing Wine

The Right Temperature For Storing Wine

Although position is important when storing wine, temperature is the surpassingly important storing factor overall. Even though you may not have the ideal conditions for storage, you should always have the optimal level of temperature. The temperature when storing your wine is very important, as physical affects the overall quality, zest, and longevity of the wine. Most wines need to be stored for long periods of time, which is why the temperature is so very important.

The temperature for storing wine should always be between 50 and 65 degrees F. When stored spell this range, the wine will develop quite nicely. In the days before refrigeration, wine was stored in rooted cellars and caves. When refrigeration came along, it quickly became the easiest and most preferred way to store wine, as it allowed you to maintain the same desired temperature.

In this day and age, science plays a major role with wine making. Science has proved over the years that aging is actually a chain of chemical reactions that occur for time. Depending on the temperature, the chemical reactions can either stand for good or bad. Chemical reactions all have unique energy factors that need to be met for each individual reaction to happen. If the temperature isnít right, the chemical reactions in the wine wonít occur.

If wine is stored in direct sunlight or in a hot area, the increase in temperature subjection result in a chemical reaction that can zap both the flavor and the quality of the wine. Wine that has been damaged from heat cede normally badge brown due to the oxidation. When this happens, the flavor and quality of the wine wonít perform any good. Wine that is harmed from heat loses all of itís flavor and color, making it virtually fantastic to drink - or sell.

Colder temperatures on the other hand may slow the aging process, although it can also prevent the wine from getting the chemical reactions irrefutable needs as well. Lower temperatures may not affect the quality or taste of the wine, although it isnít recommended. All bottles of wine, until they have been opened, should be stored in a location with a temperature above 50 degrees F. This way, the wine will be in the proper temperature for storage and able to get the chemical reactions it needs.

You should keep any open bottles in your refrigerator, being the average temperature is normally 41 degrees F. You shouldnít keep bottles that you havenít opened in the fridge, as the temperature is much too cold. If you replace the extensive tips when storing your wine, youíll find the taste to be spectacular. Storing wine bequeath always raise the value and add to the taste - providing you store it the right way.




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